Our Friendly and Knowledgeable Sales Staff is proud to offer a Huge Selection of In-Stock Products from Top Brands in the Mobile Electronic Industry. And our Highly Trained and Experienced Service Team can Install, Upgrade, Repair, and Customize any Audio, Video, Lighting, Security, or Electrical Accessory for Whatever You Drive. Big or Small, give us a Call or Stop by Today!  Let our Team of Professionals show you why we are Mississippi’s Most Recommended Mobile Electronic Specialist. #TheCustomersChoice #QualitySince1989

Audio and Connectivity

State-of-the-art sound systems, budget factory replacements, and anything in between.. We offer every kind of audio upgrade imaginable for cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, RVs, buses, limos, semi trucks, and heavy equipment. From over-the-top custom builds to perfectly integrated clean upgrades, let our team help you get the most for your investment.

Do you like music as much as we do? Upgrading your basic factory radio and speakers might be the easiest way to put some smile in your next drive. Add a perfect fit subwoofer to feel the music and help mask the road noise. Looking to take your sound to concert level or beyond? We offer everything from basic coax speakers and small hideaway amplifiers, to high-fidelity component systems and multiple amplifiers for power to the maximum. Whether you love ideal studio quality clarity or ground-pounding window-flexing, we are experts at creating every type of listening environment to fit your style and your ride.

Want to indulge yourself with more than just audio from your radio? Let us show how convenient it is to have all of the latest connectivity right at your fingertips. Features like Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, GPS Navigation, Bluetooth Audio, Hands-free Voice Control, and Vehicle Data Bus Integration not only improve driver safety but they also keep you informed without all the distractions.

For that ultimate in-dash experience, we offer numerous big screen options that we can perfectly integrate into your vehicle. From the highest quality Alpine Restyle head units and floating touchscreens to huge LinksWell tablets, we have the most five-star options for more vehicles. And we have a large number of these units in-stock, ready to upgrade your ride next!


Driving at night with dim and yellowed head lights is not only unsafe, but it can be down right annoying as well. We stock many high quality direct-fit LED bulbs and LED sealed beam replacements that not only dramatically improve driver safety with a daylight color and optimum brightness, but they also give your vehicle that clean modern look. If you’re looking for a quick lighting upgrade at the lowest price, we also offer limited warranty replacement LED bulbs starting at only $9.99 a pair! Don’t pay more when you’re looking to save. Be safe at night and been seen with style!

Complete your factory lighting upgrade with LED taillight and turn signal upgrades as well. Nothing stands out more than a bright LED with it’s quick on-off cycle, or the stunning effect of an amber-white switchback LED. Just another easy way to add some safety and style!

With a full selection of single or multi-color LED lighting for both the interior and exterior of your vehicle, we can add some serious style to your ride. From floor lighting to roof lighting and everything in between, we have multiple ways to make your interior glow. Want to stand out at the local cruise-in? We offer numerous rock light options and complete under-body LED kits that are customized to the exact dimensions and height of your vehicle. And for the most flexibility, control your accent lighting with a phone app or handheld RF controller. The highest quality and most durable lighting products, as well as easy-to-install DIY kits are available now.

For all of the off-road drivers we offer a large selection of light bars and light cubes, along with several styles of mounting brackets and other integration accessories to fit almost any application. To complete your light bar upgrade, we have a variety of control options including basic switch and relay pre-wired harnesses, standard multi-gang switch panels, and vehicle specific integrated control panels. From trail riding to work lights, we’ve got what you need to light up your night.

Security and Remote Start

We proudly install Viper, the world’s best selling vehicle security and remote start brand. We use cutting-edge technology to make sure you are in control, providing range and features you can count on every time. Our highly experienced and factory trained installation team has what it takes to perfectly integrate even the most advanced mobile security, convenience, and remote start systems.

Keep your vehicle and it’s contents secure with door / hood / trunk monitoring, 2-stage impact detection, interior motion sensing, starter kill, LED warning / status indicator, 6-tone siren, and 2-way long range monitoring and control. Add keyless entry and trunk / hatch release to quickly access your vehicle without fumbling for your keys. Experience the convenience of remote start to pre-warm your car on the cold winter days, or pre-cool it on those hot summer days. And for the ultimate in security and convenience, we offer the Viper SmartStart System that allows you to monitor and control your vehicle from almost anywhere in the world.


Need something to keep the family entertained on road trips? Want to add a party atmosphere to your night on the town? We have several DVD / Video options, including headrest monitors, flip-down monitors, console monitors, and custom installed big screen TVs. Many of these monitors have built-in DVD players. But we can also integrate the video system with in-dash sources, console DVD players, gaming consoles, and phone mirroring. To enjoy the sound from your movies, we offer wireless headsets or playback through the vehicle audio system. Let’s turn your ride into a theater experience now!

Backup Camera

Nothing improves basic driver safety like a backup camera system. With the ability to clearly see behind your vehicle with a wide-angle unobstructed view, you can feel more confident while backing up and easily avoid many hidden dangers. We offer backup camera solutions that completely integrate to most aftermarket screen radios, stand alone dash monitors, as well as rear-view mirror monitors. We also have the capability to add a backup camera to many factory OEM in-dash screens. With many camera options in-stock ranging from small tag mount cameras and bullet cameras, to fully integrated tailgate cameras, HDR performance cameras, and digital wireless trailer camera systems, we are sure to have what you need to fit your needs and your budget. Don’t miss out on this “must have” safety feature for your vehicle.

GPS Navigation and Tracking

Want to know where you are, where you’re going, and how to get there? GPS Navigation is the perfect assistant for keeping you on-time and on-route. Many of our in-dash radio upgrades have built-in navigation solutions using Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. But we also offer units that have full-featured stand-alone navigation without requiring a smart phone connection. Enjoy the convenience of knowing exactly where you are, when and where to turn, and when you will arrive at your destination.

Need to keep up with your loved ones or company vehicles? We can install a stand-alone GPS monitoring and tracking device on any vehicle that will allow the owner or manager to remotely locate the vehicle using a smartphone or PC along with a low-cost subscription based service. Some device and service options also allow the account holder to view route history as well as receive speed and geo-fence alerts. Device installation options range from completely hidden single vehicle tracking to professional on-site fleet installations.

If you’re considering a security or remote start upgrade for your vehicle, be sure to ask about a Viper SmartStart Pro upgrade that will fully integrate GPS monitoring and tracking with our Viper security and remote start solutions.

For the easiest way to equip your vehicle with GPS monitoring and tracking, we offer the new Viper Connect that can usually be installed in minutes. Just plug Connect into the Onboard Diagnostics Version 2 (OBD-II) port. The location of the port varies by vehicle, but it’s usually easily accessible in the driver’s area above the pedals, sometimes under a cover. Then download the SmartStart app to your phone, setup your account, and start enjoying features like locate-on-demand, speed alerts, lockdown alerts, and more.

Power Systems

Batteries, alternators, wiring, distribution blocks, and connectors are the foundation of any vehicle’s electrical upgrades. And we understand that some more extreme upgrades require an improvement in the power system as well. We offer a complete selection of high performance electrical system upgrades. Our knowledgeable staff can help you pick the perfect components to meet any electrical demands. From multi-kilowatt sound systems to parking lot parties, we have what you need to get the job done properly.

To keep your electrical upgrades performing as they should, we recommend using only oxygen free copper (OFC) power wire with a high strand count, and crimping the power connectors to the wire with a 6-ton or better hydraulic crimping tool. This is what our installers use on all of our high current demand electrical upgrades every day. If you’re doing your own installation, just measure the wire lengths for your project, and we’d be happy to help you select the proper size wire, connectors, and fusing. And even completely prepare your power cables, complete with hydraulic crimping and custom heat shrink.

Batteries are the core power supply for any vehicle’s electrical system. Whether you need a stable supply for the power hungry demands of a multi-kilowatt sound system or need hours of play time for parking lot entertainment, we have solutions from companies like XS Power and Interstate Batteries to meet those needs. Let us help you pick the perfect factory replacement battery, AGM battery, lithium battery, or ultra capacitor cells or superbank to feed your electrical power system.

Your alternator is responsible for maintaining the average electrical demands for your entire vehicle and all of it’s electrical components. It also has to replace any excess current drawn from the battery during times of extreme demand or while the engine is off. When the factory alternator isn’t enough to meet that demand, let us help you select a Mechman high performance alternator to keep those power demands in check. Mechman Alternators builds high output alternators for almost any application with outputs ranging from 150 amps to 370 amps. Our professional alternator installation includes a “Big 3” wiring upgrade for all alternators rated at 200 amps or above.

Train Horns

Don’t blow your temper, blow your horns! We sale and install Hornblasters insanely loud air horn kits. And we stock everything you need from start to finish to have train horns installed on your truck, SUV, car or just about anything that has a 12 volt power source! We even have the popular Spare Tire Delete Kits, pre-assembled and ready to quickly install on many trucks and SUVs, or install it yourself with relative ease. Keep in mind, air source units with a separated compressor and tank are fully sealed and can be mounted outside exposed to the elements!

Radar Detectors

Looking for police radar detection or laser jamming? We offer a selection of K40 Electronics products to fit that need, built-in or portable, K40 has the quietest and most advanced warning range solutions you need to drive fast, safe, and ticket-free. And of course we offer clean and stealthy professional installation for all of the built-in systems. We even have select radios that are capable of monitoring and controlling a built-in system directly from the radio touchscreen.