Ready to Go Overboard with Fun for your Boat or other Marine Vessel? Our friendly and knowledgeable sales staff is proud to offer a huge selection of in-stock products from top brands in the mobile electronic industry, specifically designed to keep the water fun going all day. When you’re looking for any kind of Audio, Lighting, Security, or Battery System Upgrade for your Ski Boat, Pontoon Boat, Fishing Boat, Deck Boat, Cabin Cruiser, Yacht, Jet Ski, or Personal Watercraft.. We are sure to have exactly what you’re looking for at the right price! And our highly trained and experienced service team can install, upgrade, repair, and customize it all to fit your style and budget. Mild or wild, give us a call or stop by today!  Let our Team of Professionals show you why we are Mississippi’s Most Recommended Mobile Electronic Specialist. #TheCustomersChoice #QualitySince1989

Audio and Connectivity

Nothing brightens your day on the water like some on-board crystal clear music, with enough power to be heard over the waves and engine. With a full lineup of marine products from Kicker, Wetsounds, Alpine, JVC and PowerBass.. we have everything you need to install or upgrade to a quality marine sound system. Small and mild to big and wild, we can help you select all the right audio components to fit your boat, your style, and your budget.

Connect and play your favorite music, with all the latest source unit features like Bluetooth, USB Media Player, Auxiliary Inputs, Smartphone Connectivity, and Hardwired or Wireless Remote Control. Ready for a splashing good time? These marine radios are all water resistant or even water proof with a IPX6 rating. And some are super compact to allow for more mounting options, including “gauge mount” designs that fit in a 3-5/8″ round hole and even Bluetooth receivers that mount in a single rocker switch location. Let us help you select the perfect source unit for your boat or personal water craft.

Need some quality coax marine speakers? We have several great sounding, water resistant speakers in-stock in all sizes, ranging from 5-1/4″ to 8″. Whether you need a mild factory upgrade or you’re ready for a high-powered dynamic system, don’t settle for less when you can have more. Several of these marine speakers even have built-in RGB LED lighting that provide an easy way to add a splash of color to your system. With many speaker options to choose from, we’re sure to have the quality marine speakers that you need to fit your application and your budget.

Marine rated amplifiers are a great solution to create a more powerful and dynamic sound for your boat or personal water craft. Keep your audio from getting drowned out and entertain the crowd with just the right amount of musical power to bring your speakers to life. Whether you need a small two-channel amplifier for a pair of speakers, large multi-channel amplifiers for a full bow to stern system, or a powerful mono-block subwoofer amplifier.. We are sure to have the marine amplifier that fits your boat and your budget.

A dynamic sound system for your boat just isn’t complete without the low frequency feel and smooth sound of a marine subwoofer. Available in several sizes and mounting configurations, we can help you find the perfect subwoofer to compliment your boat sound system. Beat back the waves and keep your music sounding right at any volume with a high quality marine subwoofer added to your boat.

When a small to moderate audio upgrade just isn’t loud enough to fit your style or keep the wake boarders happy, let us show you the power and clean sound of the Kicker KMTC 9″ and 11″ tower speakers. These Horn-Loaded Compression-Driver tower systems are defining what convenience, clarity and volume should be. Available in black or white with a super durable mount made from stainless steel and thick ABS, they include a locking cam/toggle system that works with a 354˚ swiveling design, allowing easy rotation of the speaker without tools! And they come standard with integrated RGB LED lighting. So Light it up. Twist it around. Turn up the sound!


Nothing adds style to your boat like the brilliant glow of our marine rated LED products. Ranging from speakers with built-in LED lighting and single-point LED accent lights, to full length LED accent strip lighting and underwater LED transom lights.. We have a huge selection of LED lighting available to get your boat glowing from bow to stern. And our professional service team has years of experience with the most creative installs you can imagine. Whether you want a little glow or a LOT, with just a single color or the full spectrum of the rainbow.. Let us help you get your boat glowing with style!

It doesn’t get much darker than on the water, on a moonless night. Let us help you see and navigate safely at night with a brilliant marine rated LED light bar for your boat. Available in many different lengths, single or double row, and with numerous mounting options to fit the front or rear of your boat.. finding that perfect light bar for your Ski Boat, Pontoon Boat, Fishing Boat, Deck Boat, Cabin Cruiser, or Yacht at the right price is a sure thing! And our professional service team is sure to handle even the most challenging installs with the utmost attention to detail.

Batteries and Charging

Need to extend the play time for the electrical accessories on your boat? Or simply replace a weak original battery? We offer a wide selection of durable sealed marine rated batteries from XS Power and Interstate Batteries to get the job done. Available in every size and configuration, we can help you find the perfect battery to upgrade the power and reliability of your electrical system. We can even add an auxiliary battery, or bank or batteries, that is isolated from the main battery when the engine is off that will allow you to run your accessories without fear of running down your cranking battery. And most of these battery isolation systems can manually or automatically use the auxiliary battery to jump-start your engine if the auxiliary battery has more reserve than the main battery. Perfect for when you accidentally leave the key on for to long out on the water.

When you do need to store your boat for a while, keeping the battery (or batteries) topped off with a trickle / float charger is the perfect way to make sure your boat is ready to go when you are. We offer quality chargers specifically designed for this purpose, that are capable of charging one battery or multiple banks of batteries independently, keeping all of the individual batteries balanced and optimized. These chargers can be permanently installed in your boat for a clean look, and to simplify your storage routine with only one power cord to connect.

Do you like fishing all day? But your 24 volt (or higher) trolling motor batteries just can’t keep up with your ideal day on the water. We can install an on-board multi-battery charger that will allow your trolling motor batteries to be “topped off” and “balanced” from your engine’s 12 volt charging system whenever the main engine is running. Perfect for giving them a boost of power in between fishing holes.

Security and Tracking

Protect your boat or personal watercraft investment with one our marine rated Viper Powersports Security systems. VIPER Powersports products offer cutting-edge technology crafted specifically for the needs of recreational vehicles. Their innovative solutions are optimized for low power consumption and are water-resistant, perfect for a marine environment. It comes standard with a built-in adjustable shock and high-angle tilt sensor, starter disable, water resistant siren, rugged two button remote, and optional closed loop triggers to secure your life jackets, storage compartments, or any other personal goods. Let our professional service team help give you peace of mind and secure your boat or personal watercraft today!

Want the ultimate it protection for your boat? Let us install a Viper Powersports GPS system on your marine vessel. It uses advanced GPS and cellular technology to monitor your vessel anywhere in the U.S. using AT&T’s cellular network. You can remotely enable and disable the starter of your marine vessel from your smartphone. Locate your boat on demand and set multiple Smartfences to monitor when your boat enters or exits an area. Receive text, app or email notifications when your boat or personal watercraft moves, tilts to much or is tampered with. We can install this system as stand-alone security or as an upgrade to a Viper Powersports Security system.